The Eagle Pass Hotel is a Lucky Eagle Pass Casino Hotel

Kickapoo Lucky Eagle casino hotel is located at Eagle Pass, TX, about a hundred miles southwest of San Antonio and just a short drive south of South Central Texas. It is on the west side of the highway and has a very nice entrance. It is on land that is mostly ranch land.

kickapoo lucky eagle casino hotel eagle pass

The casino hotel is actually divided into two sections. One section is a one room suite with one bedroom and an adjoining living area. The other section is a two room suite with two bedrooms and a large living area. The suites come fully furnished with linens, towels, silverware and coffee makers. Each suite offers a separate entrance and exit that lead to separate parking areas.

The two bedroom suites are located on one level and each suite has two bedrooms and a kitchenette. The living area is large with a small dining area. The living area also includes a large entertainment center. The large entertainment center features a flat screen television with a surround sound system.

The two rooms in this casino hotel are located just minutes from Eagle Pass Road and IH-35. Eagle Pass Road is a one-lane state highway that goes west from Houston to Texas City. IH-35 is a three-lane state highway that goes east from Dallas to Austin. Eagle Pass Road provides excellent transportation to the Texas City area. The interstate highway connects both IH-35 and Eagle Pass Road with two tolls.

The parking lot in the Eagle Pass Road casino hotel is located within a few minutes of the hotel. The parking lot is separated from the casino by a small entrance and a chain link fence. There are plenty of available spaces for vehicles to park.

The casino is just minutes from the Eagle Pass Road exits of IH-35 and I-35. Eagle Pass Road is also just minutes from the San Antonio International Airport and the Fort Bowie National Historic Site. Eagle Pass Road is close to many major metropolitan areas and is a convenient location for residents of San Antonio as well.

The hotel is also close to several major highways and the Eagle Pass Bridge. The hotel is just minutes from the Fort Bowie National Historic Site and the San Antonio International Airport. Eagle Pass Road and IH-35 are also a short distance from the downtown area of San Antonio.

The hotel is right on the Eagle Pass River and is very close to the Eagle Pass National Recreational River. The river is located on the west bank of the Brazos River and is a good place for boating.

The hotel is also close to downtown San Antonio and a few blocks from the San Antonio International Airport and the Fort Bowie National Historic Site. The hotel is in close proximity to downtown Houston and a few blocks from downtown Dallas. The hotel is just minutes from the U.S. Air Force Academy and other military bases.