What to Expect at the New Kickapoo Lucky Eagle Casino Hotel

Kickapoo Lucky Eagle Casino Hotel is located in Eagle Pass, Texas which is close to Brownsville and El Paso. This year’s re-opening is November 10th, and I must say it looks like this year’s facility is going to be just as great as the last year.

kickapoo lucky eagle casino hotel eagle pass tx

This place is a great location for gambling because there are plenty of things to do. It has an arcade, a 24-hour poker room, and other dining options. The casino is also right next door to a small convenience store. This way you will not have to drive far to get some food.

The new Lucky Eagle Casino Hotel is the second in a chain of seven hotels. These seven hotels have their own name, but all are part of the same chain. The hotels all offer similar services. They include good public parking, large rooms with televisions, internet access, and even cable TV. However, each of the hotel names and logos vary a little bit from one to the next.

You can park your car at the hotel in Eagle Pass. Just go to the front desk and tell them that you are a guest of the casino. They will give you a decal to put on your windshield for a small fee. This fee goes towards parking and keeping the place neat and clean.

The other thing about the hotel is that they have an indoor swimming pool for people who want to relax or go out on the town to get a drink after work. This is the perfect place to go on a Friday or Saturday night, because it has many bars and restaurants. There is also a playground area that is great for the kids. If the weather is bad, the golf course will be open for play.

For the actual casino, the place is very large. There are more than 50 tables inside, and they have five gaming rooms. The casino has video poker machines, craps, blackjack, baccarat, and many more games. The casino has game room entertainment, and this keeps the customers entertained during the long hours of the night.

You will find that the staffs of the casino guests are very friendly. They seem to be having a blast helping everyone get into the games, while they help others who are having trouble. There is even a wireless gaming system that allows guests to play poker and other card games online.

The pool areas and game rooms are designed in a stylish and upscale manner. The lobby and reception area is modern and have lots of air conditioning. The prices are also very reasonable, which makes the Kickapoo Lucky Eagle Casino Hotel the perfect place to stay when you are visiting Eagle Pass, Texas.