Will the New Owners of the Casino Hotel Move It?

The recent sale of the Kickapoo Lucky Eagle Casino Hotel by casino magnate Marc Rich gave rise to some serious speculation about whether the hotel would be relocated or sold at all. Now that it has been sold, the focus turns to whether the owners of the hotel will move or sell the hotel to another buyer.

kickapoo lucky eagle casino hotel

The owners of the Lucky Eagle Casino Hotel are listed as Sale Corporation Limited and Avner Aharoni. Both these companies are registered in the Cayman Islands, so it’s safe to assume that the owners are affiliated with the Wolfson Group. The Wolfson Group is a British Virgin Islands company, which is controlled by Rene Wolfson.

The headquarters of the Wolfson Group are in Rome, Italy. So, whether they will move the casino hotel or sell it is yet to be seen. Whatever happens, if the owners of the casino hotel want to sell the hotel, it seems that this will be a difficult time for the hotel and its guests.

The casino hotel has been attracting a lot of guests in recent years. It was a surprise to many people when the hotel sold at auction. The hotel was priced at $450 million, and thus this is a substantial sum of money.

The sale of the casino hotel also makes a statement about the state of the global economy. It seems that people have more than just money when they come to Vegas, and they still want to gamble, and stay in hotels.

Therefore, it is no surprise that a large number of people were interested in the sale of the casino hotel. It’s hard to believe that the management of the hotel would let it go for less than half the value. It’s possible that the hotel management will go through the same process that the owners of the Arrow Point Resort Hotel did a few years ago.

When the sale of the hotel was announced, there were some reports that the sale price of the hotel was more than other properties in Las Vegas. This could very well be true, but it is unknown how much higher the price of the hotel will go. These figures will be available when the new owners are ready to release them.

With the recent news that the owners of the casino hotel are moving the casino, it seems that this was just a matter of time before this happened. Regardless of the future of the hotel, it is important to know that the Lucky Eagle Casino Hotel will continue to have guests.