How to Find the Best Alaska Cruises With Kicking Eagle Casino Hotel Coupons

Just in case you thought the opening of the Kickapoo Lucky Eagle Casino Hotel in Las Vegas might be a big joke, you’d be surprised to learn that it’s anything but a joke. In fact, it’s an actual joke in the gaming industry, a joke that the whole world is enjoying. “We have the best games, including new titles such as Wheel of Fortune, Fort Knox, Michael Jackson: Gold Edition, 1,500,000 Degrees of Cluedo, The Hangover, and so many more; and a full-service casino onsite,” boasts the website. And in between games you’ll be able to take in the comedy classic Top Ten List (the one about the week leading up to the Kentucky Derby) and view behind the scenes celebrity photos from your favorite Hollywood stars.

kickapoo lucky eagle casino hotel coupons

For all its on-line savvy, the website does offer a few things that can’t necessarily be found on a casino floor. “You can experience the thrill of slot machines while having a beverage at one of our fine dining establishments,” boasts the website. Not to mention that they have over two thousand video games on-line for you to play (and sometimes you’re allowed to play more than one game at one time! ).

But if video games aren’t really your thing, why not enjoy the comforts of the casino hotel? There are many amenities to choose from. There are a full service casino restaurant, an entertainment lounge with VIP lounge access and private bars, a full service casino house and three hundred and sixty-five slots, nine tables, and no limit games available. They also offer some very nice accommodations. The facilities include oversized beds in the bedroom for overnight guests and the option of having two or three room upgrades depending upon your needs.

In addition to the gaming options, the lucky eagle’s on-line services allow players to keep track of their progress through the use of a virtual interface. This is done through a simple click of the mouse or keyboard and is a very convenient and easy way to keep track of your progress through the mediums provided. You can also use the service to find a good casino hotel to stay at while on holiday. One feature offered is the ability to customize your own list of games by inputting specific criteria. This makes it very convenient to find the perfect place to play.

In order to get even more exciting with your online gambling adventures, the lucky eagle website also offers some pretty awesome on-line promotions. “One hour of free spins at the Roulette Bar” is just one such promotion. They encourage on-line gamblers to visit the site and take advantage of this offer. The website also offers users the opportunity to win free spins on the Roulette Bistro by entering a correct answer to the game’s trivia question. These on-line casino hotel coupons are just one way in which the internet savvy traveler can find more exciting ways to entertain themselves while on holiday.

When you choose to go on holiday to the great outdoors, make sure that you choose a location that provides both entertainment and relaxation. Kickapoo eagle recommends an Alaskan cruise ship as one of your ideal holiday locations. Located in Kenai, Alaska, the most prominent landmark on the site is the Kenai Fjords National Park. If you prefer to gamble rather than relax, the casinos at the Eagle Nest Resort Casino will offer you all of the above mentioned benefits in addition to a lovely view of the glorious Alaskan landscape. The casinos are modern and feature comfortable seating and excellent sound systems.